Playstation Plus on PS4. 5 Free Games!


Playstation Base


Playstation Plus is already an amazing subscription service.  With its variety of perks including Online Storage for your game saves, or the host of big name titles available for free on a monthly basis.  Upon the launch of the PS4, Playstation Plus will be obligatory in order to play online.  Even though some may see this as a bad thing, it actually means the server quality will be financed better and presumably the Playstation Plus content will receive a boost in quality.

Playstation Plus’ Instant Game Collection is a huge hit, with so many huge titles being made available at no extra charge, who could ever have a bad thing to say about it?  With the PS4, the IGC will be no different.  Announced already are 5 Free to Play titles.  Check ’em out!

Blacklight Retribution:

Blacklight is a first person shooter from Zombie Studios, the game has been…

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